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Aki ppl, Urban Designers, Urban Planners, Geeks, whoever you are! com'on, join our project!
Let's try to figure out how to opensourcing an urban public project, facilitate public participatory with the help of our mobile / smart phones / iphones / Blackberries, 3GS, wireless Internet!!

I know it sounds abstract for you, so check out the links below to get a sense of it =D

Firstly, we r focusing on how to use urban sensing (Ubicom) to get more people to the designer of public space (you can build and design your neighborhood parks, the plazas in front of your city hall, the grass in your campus by yourself, it's cool! believe me!

Secondly, can we "open source" a city just like we "open source" Mozzila or Wiki? check this blog post out, and let me know what do u think abt it:

Thirdly, we are trying to do something here - Los Angeles Historic State Park, maybe some small projects with "open source" approach, with the help of urban sensing, mobile phones and wireless Internet
Here are some images of the Park, doesn't look very exciting right? let's make things happen here!
flickr:3922379750 flickr:3921596493
the location
a paranoma

leave any comments u want here, pleeease!!

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