2 Bits Informant Bright Star All Abt Lily Chouchou Contempt

2 Bits

Chapter 5 Conceiving Open System
The power relationship behind UNIX system, how different companies trying to write their own standards, trying to unify the whole thing.
TCP/IP connect different autonomous networks together and dont sacrifice their individuality at the same time
find a standard language to connect different people together (for Internet, it's TCP/IP)
(it is really boring….)
but how did Microsoft achieve the dominant role in the UNIX war?

Chapter 6 Writing Copywrite License
1. i really need to sit-in some computing science or Internet history classes, or basic abc things to understand all of them
GNU General Public License
GNU C Compiler and GNU EMACS, two of the most widely used and tested Free Software tools in the world.
Hacks always depend on an existing system or tool through which they achieve their point.
GNU relies on the structure of U.S. copyright law (USC§17) in order to subvert it


+5 Movies in a Role, Nice!
Punch, Drunk Love
The Informant
Bright Star
All about Lily Chou-Chou

context really matters and i think those movies really reflect the social environments of their own makings
I can totally relate myself to the stories of Punch, Drunk Love, Informant and All about Lily Chou-Chou, i've seen sth like those happened in US and China, i know it's over dramatic in the movies, but those are real things.
Bright Star, i admire the language a lot, it's slow and calm, sadly happiness and nicely made period movie
Contempt, long lapse movie, get me more focused on the story line, it's not distracting at all, finish one part of the story at one scene at one time, the plotline i think is well-planned. also i like the color, high saturated color, red, blue, yellow.

Positively Entertaining and Selective Trailers

the advertisement for the bunches of TV series made in LA showed b4 the movie started featured the slogan "positively entertaining", how blunt it is!
profiled tailors, compiled trailer + movie
the trailers showed b4 the movie started r actually the same genre of movie as the real one, for e.g b4 the Informant, we saw the trailers for Wall Street meltdown documentary, b4 bright star, we saw v drama and familiy-style, Motherhood from Uma Thullman, drama trailors b4 drama movie; realistic trailors b4 social movies.
they just got too many movies to show.. i wanna do movie hopper for a whole day, ok find a day and do it on Sat or Sun.


Short Cuts

It's making me nervous and distracting

Long Lapse?

from Gurdard? Contempt? it's long, focused

Steady Camera

I love it, it's fluent
Punch, Drunk, Love, my fav, Paul Thomas Anderson
i love the perspective, the frame of this movie, it's not from a human eye-level angel, i love wide angeled movies, i wanna learn cinematography, i wanna shot a movie with J, making Liu the leading actress! lol
i like watching movie with him, bcoz we always stay until everything ends, until the green, white screen shows up, be the last person to leave, discuss the cinematography, methodology of the movie, not only the contents. I'm more and more aware of the settings, stages design of the movies, how do they use the settings to enhance the storylines. J's paying more attention to the cinematography, he's thinking about how this story can be shot otherwise. It's so interesting to discuss our thinkings about the movie everytime. what do u think. hmmmm i like it, i like the way the story is told…..sth like that

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