Portland, Oregon has already used his open-source software to plan bus routes

"If you say, ‘I want to bike to the bus and then walk from there,’ Google and MapQuest have no idea what you’re talking about," Gorton explained. "But it’s actually really useful information if you’re talking about a world where you’re trying to get people out of their cars."

how does the Portland open source route planner work?? go find out! r they urban designers themselves, or they r only providing data for them, choose from different options?

  • open source: ?
  • space: bus routes

Open Source a Fence with Open Architecture Network
this is a real project

Open Architecture Network

  • did they get anything REAL done?
  • did they really got public involvements??

It's under creative commons, shd be an interesting case study actually
AD interview (

The Geekdom of Crowds - The Obama administration experiments with data-driven democracy.
tag: government, urban space, information, open source, map
how information change the people use the urban space
data - change the program of the urban space

"Maps forever have been about telling stories," Gundersen said. "A lot of the stories we work with are very complex—information from thousands of school districts, or all the bird flu data in Southeast Asia. But we wanted to tell stories that people would understand."

power of maps
an open source way for ppl to change the function of public space by exposing data (tho they cannot change the form, they can change its function)

  • open source: map - crime data
  • space: function - people use different pedestrian pathes

Stumble Safely, Apps for Democracy project

Lyons Comprehensive Plan Update
quite like REMAP
but er….their websites…i think it's a total failure….i'm in Lyon

Critterion Planners
this one seems quite planning and serious…….

**Places 3

Open Technology Is Key to Intermodal Transportation
open source rly got lots to do with transportation….hmmm

Charlotte neighborhood wikiplanning project1
Ryan and Harris design and planning

Chicago Urbansacep link

DIY city

REMap Junction link
"knit together a variety of topics" - mixuse for open spaces
how single-purposed open spaces are knitted together by mixused digital spaces (programs)


apster raised interesting questions about its own success: Was it successful because it allowed people to develop new musical interests on a scope and scale they had never experienced before? Or was it successful because it gave people with already existing musical interests a way to share music on a scope and scale they had never experienced before? That is to say, was it an innovation in marketing or in distribution? The music industry experienced it as the latter and hence as direct competition with their own means of distribution. Many music fans experienced it as the former, what Cory Doctorow nicely labeled “risk-free grazing,” meaning the ability to try out an almost unimaginable diversity of music before choosing what to invest one’s interests (and money) in. To a large extent, Napster was therefore a recapitulation of what the Internet already meant to geeks.2

new programs (music sharing) made possible by tools (TCP/IP, internet) change the form of music (? mp3, mp4?), change the organization of function and form (recursive, democratic, music sharing, not only passive listening?)

  • function
  • form
  • organization


  • function
  • form
  • organization

Online Design Competitions and Self-publications link

traffic, SF



use internet to gather ideas, designs and implement real urban projects


use internet to gather data, virtual space, has a impact on the way real physical spaces are being used, also change the physical real space

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