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Daily Blog, hope i can figure out how to make it like a blog everyday

091116 How time flies!! Nov

091029 How time flies!!

091021 Open source urban space

091019 Multitaksing and Distracting - how to deal with it?

091018 AIDS walk and NY Parks

091014 Human Behavior and Learning

091013 Communication and the Creation of Identity

091004 Urban Informatics

091002 Memory

091001 cyberspace, LAHSP, possiblities

090930 URBN PL 222A. Introduction to Planning History and Theory

090929 Museum Studies - Spatial Narrative

090928 State Parks - Thomas

090927 Cyberspace, Urban Space, Technology

090926 Watt Tower and Let the Right One In

090924 090925 Digital Ground and Cyberspace

090923 How do I Keep Everyday Productive

090922 Open Source short report

090919 Opportunity cost

090917 Moving day =)

090916 2 bits and open source

090915 Urban politics (and land ownership)

090914 Anyone knows how to login UCLAWPN via mac???

090913 How come find an apt is super hard for short term?
we live in an age of democratic experimentation* Two Bits 20090913

090913 Methodology

how it works technically, but also who created it and how.

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