Los Angeles State Park


Downtown La, half a miile from El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, 150 feet from La River, used to be Southern Pacific's River Station railroad yard




  • mini scope public meetings1
  • culmination of community participation + additional research and analysis undertaken by State Parks
  • i need to know the process of those mtgs, what did the communities do, did they just making comments, or really involve in the making of the plans?

EXISTING PARK (function + form)

cultural, recreational, natural, aesthetic, educational, facilities, environmental influence


multiple layers of stories (but every place has its own stories, all depends on whether u got the power and money to dig it out or not…)

The Stories

  • Cultural roots of LA: the Tongva / Gabrieleno
  • The Spanish and MExican origins of LA
  • River and the Zanja Madre
    the main irrigation ditch
  • Americanization since 1846, major railroads and river station
  • Decline in the recent Metropolitinization yrs
  • Civic revitalization since the 1990s2

Physical Cultural Forms



…recognize and reflect the power of place….[and] show how the environment was shaped by the people of Los Angeles past, present and future
…we need to emphasize the intertwining of the cultures and teach cultural respect…Many different groups can find similarity in their arrival stories

  • Functions: telling stories, interpretive, recreational experiences, educational, communities communication, socializing, "civic dialogue"
  • Forms: plaza, gathering areas,


FORM(hard / physical elements?)


  • Infrastructures
    ard the park, see (Topographic Map Figure 2-2)



interpretive trails

pavement routes + pedestrian, bicyclist
water features + pedestrian, mtg spots
interpretive facilities + (watch screen???)

natural open space

vegetation, greenery + resting, mtg (veging activities)

cultural activities area

bigger open space as plazas and fountains, paved and unpaved spaces + gathering, mtg public discussion space, events

recreation open space

(i've no idea what's this
multiple-use areas for informal activities
group $ family picnic areas and facilities
interpretive programs)

garden open space

garden, bigger greenery than vegetations + relaxing, picnic, park activities
interpretive facilities + (watch screen and learning??)


  1. will the plan be implemented if the fund is ready?
  2. which part of the park will be built first?


LASHP Los Angeles State Historic Park
LA river revitalization plan

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