Moving Day


Webpage editting is more and more confusing with so multiplied layers

it's getting more and more confusing
all those things, i just wanna change the color of my header and title, working on it for a whole day but no result, is it that i'm stupid…


  • Parks i might can visit:
    Pio Pico SHP \ Watts Towers of Simon Rodia SHP \ Will Rogers SHP \ Los Encinos SHP \ Santa Susana Pass SHP
  • Plan elements
    • small vegetation + small groups of ppl to gather, relaxing, picnic, sports
    • large vegetation + park activities, such as…..?
    • paved routes + trails, walking
    • unpaved routes + less formal trails
    • plazas + events
    • interpretive facilities + watching screens

Park Introduction

Moving - it's exhausting

Safora's research

Define Cyber

physicality of space…is non-existent…transform our bodies into binary signals and experience everything imamterially!

How does cyber world change the physical world

Decline of symbolism / form

u dont need a building looks like a duck to convey its function, ur iphone tells u what it is. The facade became unanimous, less advertisements. but is there any case studies or examples? : cyberfront VS urbanfront (the transformation of the facades? the real front is receding deeper and deeper)

the cyber world and millions of sources for knowing what a city is and offers replaces all physical means of communication. This change not only is a new mode of communication but a new language for understanding and sharing which is drastically changing our psychology of what a city is and how it operates.

a cafe as an example:

  • the front
  • mapping of its virtual connections (fb) how do u do this mapping??
  • city network map
    physically invisible, it's quite easy to find anything online, but harder and harder to find it physically, on site

what's ur major refernce book, which one u find the most relevant?
anyways, it's a quite interesting point

Evening Readings

open source software:
utopia online wiki city planning projects - but only proposals (find here

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