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Spatial Narrative - Museum Studies

exhibitions as a spatial narrative
how could I use technology to open source this spatial narrative in LAHSP?
it got its own historical stories, archeology sites, existing stories, there r 2 approaches
1. as open work: the story of LAHSP can start from any place? (but it's still a linear narrative story without real participation, users r still users, passive learners, i need sth abt interactive, engaging design, it shdn't be in the museum, where are those things? public arts? but the term art itself implied the concept of ailienation, also i need locative art studies)
2. open source: tell the ppl how to write their own digital stories based on the existing historical / physical stories - but how??

locative media, public media, participatory exhibition or art? interactive media? interactive design?

interface communication? locative communication?

Srinivasan, Ramesh

Information Studies
computer mediated communication + locational mediated communication = cyberspace mediated storytelling communication

Digital Museum and diverse cultural knowledges: Moving past the traditional catalogue
museumn world populated by massive, heterogeneous collections of unique largely non-tetual objects,
challenge for collections
a reduced learning curve for users encountering a particular system for the first time - locative! - how to find a more effortless way for the public to understand
effective silencing of the voices of those many who cannot or do not contribute; the reproduction of the biases, prejudices, and other assumptions held by….
documentation - conflicts with the participatory spirit of social computing

Knowledge Representation in Meseums
knowledge is knowledge of practices; it i sknowing how to adjust to a specific social-material setting (Smith 1996; Brown and duguid 2000…)
selection, acquisition, classification, and presentation
re-epose these intangible processes ard the object, through the consideration of "multiple ontologies" and models of participatory design

How to do Things with Words

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