Opportunity Cost

I'm forcing myself to write all those down, as a record of my daily life


When i was young, in China, i hear this "brilliant story" about how to increase you GDP - the simplest way is a "car accident". Car accident - boost (1) car repairing industry; (2) hospital and medical industry; (3) laywers, lawsuits…. When i was young, i though, omg, how brilliant it was! Break a window, make an accident, u can increase u GDP, make more money for your own country, produce more jobs! IF ur only criteria is numbers, prices and GDP, yup, in terms of figures, making sth new (making Mozzila, or recording a new record, writing a book or donating money to build a school) doesn't make a difference with a car accident.

But with the same amount of GDP figures, which one do you prefer? (1) 5,000 GDP for a car accident and all related costs; (2) 5,000 GDP to fund a research for a medicine to treat a serious chronicle disease? it's not a figures question at all i know, it's a moral one, all depends on how do u want to spend your money. To say it in another way, do you want (1) spend 500 on drugs and get urself super high; or (2) spend 500 to treat your family for a great vacation in a beach house. In terms of GDP, it's the same, but (from my own principle) the first one is selfish ended up with emptiness, the last one is altruism and really makes u happy =)

So, in terms of GDP, it's nice, but in terms of moral, i dont like this stupid story at all. Spend ur money in more meaningful things, pls, go for some altruism good, fulfill, enriching moments, like buy your best friend a drink or dinner, buy a round flight ticket to go back home be with your parents, buy an international stamp and send your friends postcards, stop wasting your money and time on fixing your cars…..

ok, tt's all, i think. Like the old Chinese saying, time is more precious than money, money is only a tool for you to do things, it's only a figure, it all depends on how do u wanna spend it. I wanna spend money to hav a good morning cup of coffee with my friends and chat at Starbucks, or have a late night drink instead of holding it to myself.

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