Punch Drunk Love

Punch drunk love, 2002
Paul Thomas Anderson (director & writer)

Urban, Spatial Settings in Punch-Drunk Love

function and form knitted together nicely, a certain kinda of events is directed to happen in a certain kinda of space

Homogeneous places for different kinda events

There are 4 scenes in the movie, v prototype, recognizable, homogeneous
prototype spaces: work - studio; live - suburban houses; special events - apartment/motel rooms; shopping - super markets. they all look kinda same (if u remove the brand of the 99 cent store and Mattress Furniture, the forms of the places are the same; aprtment where Lena lives and the Hawaii hotel look the same)
1. Office, LA, somewhere in the valley
working, phoning, meeting place of the leading actor and actress
spacious, big studio, a glassed inner office in the middle of the place, a square space + a long aisle outside the studio
2. Sister's house, leading Actor's house prototype American suburban houses
party and live
3. Leading actress's house + Hawaii's hotel room
long aisle motel room, apartment buildings
mtg places for leading actor and actress
4. Matress furniture store + 99 cent super market
shopping places

Same angels in shooting the places help u to remember those places, make them recognizable, focus, make the storyline fluent

1. deep lens for asiles in the office, the apartment rooms, the hotel rooms, the super market
2. wide angel for certain shots (ping'mian'tu'xiang??)
3. the colorful montage

Discrepancy between function and event - making the film seems weird

1. Street: shd be for cars and traffic, but someone throw a piano
2. Office: shd be work, but the things happened there r phones calls, broken things, bad products, pile of puddings, actress asking actor out, actress throwing a car down the asile (i dunot even know what he's selling for his business….)
3. Sister's house: breaking the windows with bare hands
4. 99 cent stores: buying piles of piles of pudding
5. Matress furnitures: money cheating family business, hair cutting, sex phone business
all those things happened in those places are not supposed to happen there, tt's another reason this film seems funny, a discrepancy between the conceptual functional of those everyday places, and the real events happened there

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