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Recursive public

The recursive public is thus not only the book and the discourse around the book. It is not even “content” expanded to include all kinds of media. It is also the technical structure of the Internet as well: its software, its protocols and standards, its applications and software, its legal status and the licenses and regulations that govern it.1

Internet as a set of “layers,” each enabling the next and each requiring an openness that both prevents central control and leads to maximum creativity.


how the meanings of technology, intervention, design, and infrastructure are understood by polymaths as a particular form of pragmatic intervention, a progress achieved through deliberate, piecemeal re-formation of existing systems.2


means, but they r not the solution3
ends is still the action where it's at
for Open Source in general, it is Internet, Information technology

he polymath feels there is no single method by which technology works its magic: it is highly dependent on rules, on patterned actions, and on the observation of contingent and contextual factors4 innovation is often itself seen as a way of transforming a set of accepted rules or practices to other ends. Progress is limited intervention


is the point at which the speed of technical progress is faster than human comprehension of that progress (and, by implication, than human control over the course).5

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