Urbn Pl 222a Introduction To Planning History And Theory

MW 2pm-345pm Pub Aff Room 2343

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Topic 2 what is planning, planning history and theory?

(inierdisciplinary, public sector approaches, benefit ppl, economic plannin, background in
Forester, John (2000). "Why Planning Theory? Educating Citizens, Recognizing Differences, Mediating Deliberation, " The Profession of City Planning. Changes, Images and challenges: 1950-2000 Eds, Loyd Rodwin and Bishwapriya Sanyal. New Brunswick: center for urban policy Research

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Friedmann, John (2008), "the Uses of Planning Theory, A Bibliography Essay, " Journal of Planning Education adn Research 28 (2)"247-257

Topic 3 What are the historical roots of planning (Oct 7 and 12)

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